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Key Services

Procurement of meeting venues is a specialized field.  As your trusted resource in this industry, we provide a number of key services directly to you — all at no cost.  That’s right: Never receive a bill from C3GROUPS. 

We make it easy for you.  Here’s how:

Our team uses exclusive software to research every potential venue.  Based on your criteria, we size up each spot, determine how each measures up, and arrive at a clear picture of each potential destination. Because we leverage our relationships to get a true insider’s perspective, we're able to put together a cohesive chart that makes it a breeze for you to compare and contrast your options.  This process makes narrowing down the options and making the final decision a huge time-saver for you.
To get good answers, one must ask the right questions.  We do just do that, structuring each request for proposal so that venues disclose everything you need to know.  That way, you can make a truly informed decision.  During the RFP process, we manage all the information, answer questions about your needs from the potential venues, analyze the initial responses of the venues, ensure accuracy throughout the process, and, importantly, meet your deadlines.  In addition, we always stay on top of time-sensitive information and keep you abreast of it all, down to the last detail.
Blocks, cut-off, attrition, concessions, minimums, booking outside the block, and more . . . the hotel world has its own language, and we are fluent in it.  Understanding the inner workings of the industry and of the various venues is essential to deciphering all of the clauses and knowing how to finesse them, if need be.  When you're dealing with multiple-venue conventions, we make sure that all of the paperwork is kept straight by everyone involved.  We also help keep tabs on the key dates and requirements described in each of the contracts to ensure that everything goes according to plan.  Thinking through and discussing potential problems ahead of time is a vital part of what we do for you.
When no single venue is big enough to encompass all your meeting requirements, C3GROUPS is the best meetings procurement firm in the industry to have on your side. When it comes to managing the complex coordination of hotels, convention centers, and arenas, all of which have unique procurement requirements, we're good at pulling together all the available options and simplifying the process.  C3GROUPS' single-source communications keeps this important process at your fingertips.  We know which destinations have the consortium of brands to accommodate diverse groups of meeting attendees, so that distance, quality, amenities, and price points are all consistent with your attendees' expectations and requirements.
Understanding risk and being able to clearly communicate what is involved during the evaluation of contracts is vital.  Although we are not lawyers, we can accurately help you assess and manage clauses in contracts where risk is concerned.  In fact, evaluating and managing a negative situation can be one of the most valuable and underrated aspects of C3GROUPS.  That's why having a strong advocate whose sole work is within the hospitality industry can help save you significant time and money.  With our industry relationships and problem-solving expertise, we help you evaluate risk and manage the mitigation process should unforeseen problems arise.  As we all know, even the best-laid plans can go awry.  Having a knowledgeable, caring, and effective advocate like C3GROUPS in your corner during those times is priceless.
The expression “Everything’s negotiable” can be true only when the negotiator knows what that “everything” really involves.  We at C3GROUPS have seen literally thousands of contracts.  Every new one looks a little different from the one before it, so we are extra careful that every “i” is dotted and every “t” is crossed.  Working alongside you in this process, our goal is to make sure each negotiation contains no surprises — nothing added, nothing left out, and nothing left to chance.  We look at negotiating as a team sport: We're on the same side as our client.  Managing this process together is essential.

Managed Services

C3GROUPS has developed proprietary, up-to-date technology that provides Meeting Professionals a complete end-to-end Registration and Reservation platform solution.  Our backend technology and personal service from our staff professionals, will help build your on-line Registration Site and/or Group Housing block.  Are you looking for an innovative company to bring an innovative solution to your Registration / Reservation process . . . C3GROUPS is your answer. 

C3GROUPS puts you in touch with the experts who can help you.  

“Just say the word.”

From beginning to end — or anything in-between — we can get it done for you.  Need help running your meeting?   Our trusted meeting professionals in our network will provide a transparent explanation of their services.
Are you looking for a way to manage your group using an online housing management service?  If so, C3GROUPS is the source to manage this process.  We'll help you understand the process, develop a bid and provide the information you need to make a quality decision.
Get your meeting off to great start by making the registration and badging process a seamless experience for all of your attendees and guests.  Our seamless, end-to-end registration management platform will get everyone signed up, signed in, and engaged — even before they arrive, letting you focus what really matters: the event itself.
How are you going to get people to your event, and how are they going to get around town?  Whether you need charter buses, limos, or even something as unique as a ferry boat or mountainside tram, there isn’t anything that a true logistics professional can’t arrange for you.