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a sound direction . . .

Building upon over a half-century of experience and leadership, C3GROUPS was founded with a distinct mission:

Bring our expertise to the meetings process

That covers a lot . . .

We’ve carved out a niche.  We focus our energy primarily on the front end, where information on locations, venue options, hotels, convention centers, RFPs, site inspections, and contracts is essential to clients who want to make an informed decision.  The complexity involved can sometimes be overwhelming depending on the circumstances.  C3GROUPS brings this all into simple, clear terms.

As your trusted single-source contact, our market savvy, communication skills, and years of experience handling the components of the meetings process are second to none.  You might think that our expertise would tempt us to take over and make the decisions for our clients. Not so! C3GROUPS pledges to never make decisions on your behalf. We honor that pledge by providing you with the best possible information, so you are always in the driver’s seat, always in control of decision-making, always determining what’s best for you and your attendees.

At C3GROUPS, using our services is easy.  And, better yet, you will never receive a bill from us.  That’s right.  C3GROUPS is compensated directly from the final location you choose. We receive a placement fee from your chosen hotel for our services — a practice the industry widely accepts.

So, if you could bring into your life a professional who truly understands your requirements, understands your pressures, understands you . . . how do you think that would feel? Like a true collaboration? Like real communication? Like a perfect connection?

We agree. That’s why we call ourselves 3CGROUPS. The 3Cs stand for Collaborate, Communicate, Connect — because that’s what we do.

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And if you need help with more than just procurement, we’re happy to be the expert by your side all the way through the process.
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